1977 Alexandria Dayco Holiday Spectacular Pit Shots

Three great photos from Mitch Messer, all from the 1977 Alexandria Dayco Holiday Spectacular.

Up against the fence is Leroy Lindblad, and it looks he could be talking to one of the crew from his previous employers at Ski-Doo. I think he’s more interested in what Dick Trickle is doing than what the Ski-Doo guy is saying! Behind him, Steve Thorsen is talking with someone as well. Steve was from Fergus Falls, Minnesota, less than an hour away from Alexandria, so it’s good bet he’s talking to a family member.

In the next photo, Greg Hedlund is walking away.. note Greg’s designation as the “Polaris RXL technical Coordinator” on his sleeve. If you were racing a shiny new 1978 Polaris RXL and needed anything, Greg was your go to guy and he made sure his racers got what they needed.

In the final shot, Team Frustration’s Todd Elmer has his brand new 440 lined up in front of Steve Thorsen’s, waiting for their turn on the flying half-mile oval.


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