1977 Polaris SnoPro Design

Mike Hetteen found and posted these amazing, never before seen photos of the initial creation of the 1977 Polaris SnoPro “Leafer” hoods.

Some interesting notes – they were using 1974/1975 skis, as well as the seat, and the gas tank appears to be from one of the 1976 sleds. I would guess that is because the real skis, seats and tanks were not done yet. 

Perhaps the most interesting thing is the motor: It appears to be a prototype 1977 TXL engine. 

It’s so great to see how something like this came to be! Congrats Mike on finding these and sharing! 

Note the engine here – as well as how much putty was put on this thing! That is not the individual cylinder RXL engine that the team started 1977 with, and the monoblock was only brought out half way through the 1977 season. So this must be an early (prototype?)  TXL engine. 

Would be interesting to know who this is.

Note the ski. That is the aluminum skis used from 1975. 

Note the 1974/1975 seat. 


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