1977 Polaris Promo – Late Edition

This is the standard 1977 Polaris promo picture, features a 440 twin leafer, and the race team with Don Omdahl.

When they first shot this image, it was before the race in Alaska when they learned the IFS was going to kick butt. Before that, they had planned to go into battle in 1977 with the leafers. No matter, Eastman and the crew were more than happy to let the competition think they were going to race the leafers.

The 440 twin pictured above is a mock-up, based Omdahl’s sled. This sled was also shown at a Milwaukee trade show in the fall of 1976.

They only completed three leafers: Hulings 250, Omdahl’s 340 and a 440 for Bernat. All three were in Alaska, where the 250 did very well. Omdahl’s 340 started out as a 340 triple (a sleeved-down 440 triple) but was quickly converted in Alaska to a 340 twin. Bernat’s 440 triple was raced over the weekend by Bernat, Hulings and Omdahl.

After Alaska, the Bernat 440 became Thorsen’s 250. Omdahl’s 340 got a 440 triple stuck in it for Bernat to run at Ironwood, then Bernat ran the same sled with a 340 twin at Alexandria. Hulings raced his 250 to several wins before it was retired sometime after Eagle River in favor of a 250 IFS.

This image appeared in a magazine with the extra text added on the image and below, indicating it was sent out after Don’s exit from the team and when Steve was added.


The passion, triumph, dominance and tragedy of one of the most successful
efforts in motorsports: The Polaris Professional Race Team


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