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Starfire Kids Midnight Blue Express is the unauthorized and previously untold true story of the people from Roseau, Minnesota and the machines they built to find fame and fortune in the brutal, challenging, and often very dangerous sport of snowmobile racing in the 1960s and 1970s.

The Polaris racing team dominated the sport, helping its popularity reach unimaginable heights. But when a tragic accident in March of 1978 claimed the life of one of the team’s brightest stars, everything came to a screeching halt.

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Thirty-five years later, the surviving members of the Polaris race team opened up and shared the real story of how an under-estimated group of farmers, inventors and mechanics became not only the best of the best, but one of the biggest legends in motor racing history.

In 1956, there wasn’t much to do for fun in the far northern town of Roseau, Minnesota. That all changed when David Johnson built a snowmobile at a little company called Polaris. As soon as David and some of his coworkers built the second machine, the racing began…

By the early 1970s, snowmobile racing was nearly as popular in the Snowbelt as NASCAR was in the South. The Polaris team won the lion’s share of those races, earning them the nickname The Starfire Kids.

In 1977, with an all new machine and a new breed of driver standing on the shoulders of the original Starfire Kids, Polaris set the racing world on fire, winning over eighty percent of all possible races and earning themselves a new nickname: The Midnight Blue Express.

Inside these pages and for the first time ever, racing fans will discover the true story of the team’s amazing journey to the top, and just how the Polaris racers became true legends of the sport.

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"I need to say this: I own many, many books on sled racing, and auto racing as well. Starfire Kids is perhaps my most treasured book! It takes me inside the Polaris Factory Team like I never imagined I could go. Since I used to attend oval races all during the 70s in places like Lancaster, N.H., Bangor, Maine, and saw Sno Pro at Scarborough downs, those stores hold special meaning for me. THANK YOU, Larry, for making the incredible effort it must have been to assemble "Starfire Kids." #LoveIt"

-Phil Whipple