Alexandria, 1977. Hulings wins the Hetteen cup, Bunke wins the 440X Final

Okay these are terrible prints, but there are so few photos that I will take what I can get!

These are all taken by Jim Beilke of Race & Rally (Now Snowtech Magazine) and were found in a storage box at the Hall of Fame in St. Germain, Wisconsin. There from a blown up contact sheet, but they are still pretty cool.

Jerry finishing up his parade lap.

Jerry and Pam celebrating the fact that they will now get to go pick out a house in Roseau!

Hulings and Bernat congratulating Bunke.
Bernat heads over to congratulate Bunke.
Jim Bernat on his Leafer. Note the “S” on the side.. the “MIII” was found under the plate you can see in the photo.. 25 years later.


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