The Polaris racing blog and the ongoing chronicle of the amazing men and machines of the Polaris Professional Race Team from author Larry Preston. 

Get ‘er Done!

“Havent read a book in years but I think I might even be able finish this one!! Thanks Larry Preston” Kyle VanSloten Thank you Kyle!

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RIP Gordon Rudolph

You cannot tell the tale of the famed Polaris Midnight Blue Express without telling the story of the engineer, businessman and athlete named Gordon Rudolph.

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The Polaris 65th

The Polaris 65th in Roseau This Weekend! The mother ship in Roseau is planning quite a program this weekend and August 17th looks to be

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Starfire Kids Midnight Blue Express is the unauthorized and previously untold true story of the people from Roseau, Minnesota and the machines they built to find fame and fortune in the brutal, challenging, and often very dangerous sport of snowmobile racing in the 1960s and 1970s.