The Kalamazoo Capers

Apparently, the Starfire Kids were pretty fond of clothing from Kalamazoo Engineering back in the day, all the way through the present day.

I offer up the following proof of the “Kalamazoo Capers”. 😉 

Bob Eastman Kalamazoo Jacket

A great memory for Penny Eastman was her dad staying up most of the night helping her with one of her mares delivering her first foal. Bob was clearly staying warm in fine Kalamazoo clothing! 

Doug Hayes - Kalamazoo Jacket

Doug Hayes, hard at work on restoring on of his original factory ‘doo snopros, was also “caught” wearing a Kalamazoo vest! 

Greg Hedlund - Kalamazoo Vest

Greg Hedlund was recently caught on “film” wearing not only a Kalamazoo vest, but a Scorpion Squadron hat as well! 

Wes Pesek spotted back in the day sporting the Kalamazoo jacket as well!

Wes Pesek in West Yellowstone