Brad Hulings 1977 440

Brad Hulings' 1977 440

Brad and this sled won so many races in 1977 that it was scary. Jerry and Steve won their fair share, but Brad and his 440 had a really great season.

Since then, the sled spent most of it’s existence in Canada, where it was raced hard and put away wet for a lot of years. Yet the owner at that time knew what it was and took very good care of it.

So good, that now that it’s about to get put back to the way Brad ran it, there is very little work to do to it. Really some very minor work on the chassis, a motor rebuild and a new hood and it will be 95% original.

Still, when you’re working on something like this, you pray for hi-resolution, detailed photos and when the sled wins a lot of races, it’s not so hard to find them.

Most of these pictures were taken by a young, future vintage sno-pro champ Mark Anderson. They will be hugely helpful in the process of getting it back into fighting shape!


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