5 Amazing Gordon Rudolph Shots

Gordon Rudolph

Gordon Rudolph made his first working IFS out of a Rupp, but then converted to using Polaris motors and parts because he wanted a stable supplier – and because he really liked Leroy Lindblad. 

These are photos Gordon gave me for the book that I wasn’t able to fit in, but they are some pretty amazing shots of his IFS sleds and one shot (I believe from St. Paul, MN showing the Midnight Blue Express on the line) that Gordon took himself. 


Gordon leads the way!

Very rare shot of Gordon’s inner shop. Few people got to go in this shop and look around. 

Gordon working on his triple at an event, most likely Eagle River. 

Gordon Rudolph building one of the IFS sleds in 1972.

Feature race, I believe in St. Paul, Minnesota features Larry Rugland, Doug Hayes, Jerry Bunke, Gilles Villeneuve, Ed Schubitzke, Claude Desrosier, Brad Hulings, Steve Thorsen. All the top sleds are using their version of an IFS by this race. 


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