More Greg Marier Photos From 1977

Greg Marier Photos from 1977

Greg had a front seat to some amazing history, and lucky for us, he had camera and knew how to use it.

A few weeks back, Greg stopped over at my house and looked over the growing collection of 1977 racers that seem to keep finding me. It was great! He knew some details about the sleds that I had no idea, like the fact that the skis were bent in a press to give the carbides some “rock”.

A class act, Greg has been working in the industry for a long time, going from Polaris to Scorpion and working at Yamaha.

I just wanted to thank him for all the amazing photos! They are priceless!

The Mighty Polaris Semi Rig
Bunke's 440
The team at Work
PIt Scene
The back of Thorsen's Leafer today
The 440's LIned Up
Yours truly and my babies.
Steve Thorsen
Bunke coming down the stairs
The pits in Alexandria, MN
Hulings' 340
Thorsen's 440
Hulings working on his leafer
Another shot from the pits in Alexandria.


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