Hanging Out at Troy Pierce Racing

Above: Front row, David and Eleanore Johnson. Back row, Arlyn Saage, Jim Bernat, Greg Hedlund, Don Omdahl, Troy Pierce and Dan Cedola. 

When your race shop is located in Roseau, Minnesota, and your building really fast race sleds, you never know who is going to show up.

Troy Pierce Racing often has Starfire Kid celebrities hanging around, sometimes admiring the amazing work that Troy does on the Starfire and RXL clones he builds for some top drivers to race on the vintage circuit today. Sometimes they just stop over for a coffee, or just to say hello.

Troy is talented guy who won a ton of races, championships and racing titles. He’s found a great way to help new racers get into the sport with equipment that is factory-level perfect.

These photos are from Troy’s website, and they show an awfully happy bunch of Starfire Kids enjoying time in one of the places they always liked best – the shop.

Imagine walking out into your shop and finding (left to right) Ed Monsrud, Bob Eastman, Bob Przekwas and Burt Bassett just having a casual chat? How many of us would give a fortune to be able to sit around that table with those guys!

Or perhaps having SnoPro racer Don Omdahl just stop over for a coffee? Is it just me, or has time had zero effect on Don?

Or maybe have Bob Eastman just stop in because he’s curious to see what Troy is working on now?

Yep, that is the kind of shop we’d all love to have!


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