How Many RXL’s Are There?

1978 Polaris RXL - also known as the 1978 Polaris SnoPro

How Many Polaris RXLs Were Made?

Well that is a good question that I get asked about several times per week. Our friend Ryan Koenig recently found this:

So for the model year 1978, there were a total of 139 RXL chassis built to be sold to the top independent drivers. 106 of them were designated as the 340 SuperStock machines, while 36 were sold “less engines” which meant they got a 250, a super mod 340 or a 440 to put in them.

That 139 does not include the factory race sleds from 1977 or 1978.

For the factory 1978 drivers, (Bunke, Hulings and Thorsen) there was:
– 3 Aluminum bulkhead 440’s
– 6 Magnesium bulkhead 440x Machines
– 3 340 Super Mod Machines
– 3 250 Super Mod Machines

Bringing the total number of 78 RXL’s to approximately 154.

In 1977 there was:
– Three leaf spring models
– 4 IFS 440 machines
– 3 IFS 340 machines
– 3 IFS 250 machines

1977 versions are very different from the 1978’s – they are all prototypes. But if you lump them in, the grand total comes to 167.


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