Author Larry Preston

Larry’s day job is making select businesses grow online with a whole lot of tech wizardry at the company he founded – Digital Opera. In 2022 those businesses generate over $20 million in revenues through their websites and social media.  

He’s also the co-founder of Raceday, an industry-leading motorsports event registration & management software – primarily serving snowmobile racing in all its forms – oval, vintage, hill climb, sno-cross, drag racing and more. 

Larry’s grandfather, Herbert Borah, was the original Chairman of the Board of Polaris from the 1950s until 1967. Growing up, his family always had Polaris machines around to make Minnesota winters more enjoyable.

As a young man, Larry was an avid fan of the Polaris Professional Race Team. When Polaris pulled the plug on the race program, he forgot all about snowmobiles for nearly twenty-five years. During that time, he worked in the music industry before starting his first software firm, Randomworx Interactive in the early 1990s.

It was a ride on his brother Jim’s beautifully restored 1972 800cc Polaris Starfire in 2000 that brought back Larry’s old memories of the Polaris Race Team. Very quickly he found himself on a mission to learn more about the team and share their story with the rest of the world.

Originally from Minnesota, Larry currently lives in Arizona and frequents Colorado. He spends most of his free time traveling, playing his guitar loud enough to kill a charging rhino, working on additional books, hiking, and looking for the future Mrs. Preston.

While writing Starfire Kids – Midnight Blue Express, Larry Preston put together the world’s most complete collection of the original 70’s era Polaris factory race sleds that he currently stares at over tea every morning.

Larry Preston