NEW! Midnight Blue Express Photos

Noel J. Schanilec, the Owner & Manager of Applied Hi-Performance Products sent in these fantastic shots of the Midnight Blue Express in Alexandria, Minnesota in December of 1976 and 1977.
Brad Hulings 1977 340

Brad Hulings 1977 340 – originally Don Omdahl’s 250, this one of the first two IFS machines ever built at Polaris and the only one that survives today.

Polaris Race Truck 1977

The mighty Polaris Race truck and trailer – nearly a complete factory on wheels – 1977.

Brad Hulings 1977

Great shot of Brad Hulings pushing his 440 across the line, thinking he had to get it across to get the points for the Hetteen Cup. But the joke was on him, he had already won it!

A Studding Tail

Just before Alexandria, Olav Aaen showed Midnight Blue Express race manager Bob Eastman a new type of stud he had invented that pointed to the right of the machine in an effort to keep the back end from coming loose from the ice covering the race track. The team tried them and they were amazing. So much so that Eastman bought every single one Olav had, It was way more than he needed, but that kept any of the competitors from getting them!

Pictured is Jerry Bunke installing them one one of his machines – note the tin covering the steering on that machine, I have never seen that before. I can’t tell who is installing them on one of Hulings machines in the second photo.

Bunke 78 New Studs
Hulings New Studs 1978

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Steve Thorsen 1978

Steve Thorsen and an assistant finding ways to go faster.

Polaris Race Sleds 1978

So many awesome RXL’s lined up! Jerry BunkeĀ  in the background, Larry Rugland working on that suspension in the foreground.

1978 Polaris Race Truck

The business end of the Polaris race truck, Dalton Lissell on the edge.

1978 Steve Thorsen

Steve Thorsen and the crew working on delicate adjustments to one of his 1978 440 machines.

Hulings, Hedlund, Hedlund, Bernat

Standing: Steve Thorsen, Jan Hedlund, Greg Hedlund, unknown (standing) Jim Bernat (sitting). Unknown next to the sled.

Brad Hulings 1978 340

Not 100% sure, but I believe this is Brad Hulings 340 from 1978.