Could We Have Found 1979 TXL Footage?

So this showed up in my inbox today. A film canister that came from John Deere that says:

“Polaris IFS Snowmobile – Peace Garden Race 1978. Aprox. Running time, 6 min. Property of Product Engineering, Polaris IFS SLED”

Peace garden was a cross-country race, and it was filmed in 1978? This has to be extremely rare footage of the first three Polaris TXL’s built by Burt Bassett, Bob Przkwas, and Ed Monsrud to test the theory of IFS on a cross-country machine!

WOW! That would be amazing. Well we will have to wait and see.. we are waiting to find out if the owner is getting it developed/ digitized!

In case you don’t recall what these look like, here are some of the only photos of these babies that exist!


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