Nick Van Strydonk – 2017 World Champion and a Starfire Kid!

The Eagle River World Championship is the most sought after title in all of oval snowmobile racing. It’s been that way since Stan Hayes first one it on his Polaris in 1964. It’s been a tough road for Polaris at the coveted event since the 1970’s when Eastman and Bernat won it, then Steve Thorsen winning twice in 1978 and 1979.

But Nick Van Strydonk – who comes from a die-hard Polaris family in Tomahawk Wisconsin, won it for the second time this year.

I had a chance to meet Nick at a Polaris outing some years back, when Nick came with to keep an eye on Reverend Larry Rugland.. or was Rugland keeping an eye on Van Strydonk? Hard to know.

In any case CONGRATULATIONS NICK and welcome to very elite club of Polaris World Champions.


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