Roseau Book Signing – Four Years Later

Hard to believe, but four years ago today we had a huge party up in Roseau, Minnesota to release Starfire Kids – Midnight Blue Express. Honestly one of the best days of my life. To see all those guys together again, laughing and swapping stories was price less. Combine that with a large portion of my Polaris friends and a whole lot of family members… and you really couldn’t ask for anything better!

Bob Eastman
David Johnson – who got the very first book off the press. Without him, none of this would have happened.
Mitchell Johnson
Aaron Johnson
Piles of books & fans. Lawrence Klema and Gordon Rudolph in the forefront.
The Reverend Larry Rugland
Crowds getting signatures from the Starfire Kids
Gabe Bunke
Don Omdahl
The whole crew posing for the photo with a few blessing the carpet! 😉
Wes Pesek
But Bassett and Ed Monsrud


The passion, triumph, dominance and tragedy of one of the most successful
efforts in motorsports: The Polaris Professional Race Team


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