The Sled That Allen Hetteen Beat – Meet the Sno Hoss!

In his big win in Beausejour, Manitoba in the 1960’s, Allen was driving what could be considered the very first factory snowmobile that was purpose-built for racing. Of course there was at least one special rear-engine for David Johnson, but Allen’s was the first front-engine with a 4-stroke Mercury Marine, liquid cooled motor. Bob Eastman, Jerry Schenk and others helped to stuff the oversized motor in it.

This is a one of one, custom built in Manitoba from 1961 to 1962. It has a 120cc Volkswagen engine, and it did win the pulling competition at the 1964 competition. It was built by Raymon Caron, and almost found it’s way to the crusher a few years back when it was recovered just before it was obliterated.

But what about the sled Allen beat in that race? Well Jim Strandlund, who owns that original Allen Hetteen racer, got a call from the gentleman who saved it from being crushed, and he brought it home shortly thereafter.

Known as the “Sno Hoss”, this over sized monster came in second to Allen. Jim Strandlund painstakingly restored it, and brought it to a vintage ride in International Falls, Minnesota and found she was big enough to hold several of his friends for a ride!

A family taking a ride on the Sno Hoss back in the day.

This iconic photo from “Warriors of Winter” shows the Sno Hoss to the inside of Allen Hetteen on his Merc-Powered Mustang.


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