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Starfire Kids Magazine Covers

The Starfire Kids and the Midnight Blue Express got a lot of press coverage back in the day. They were almost always on the cover of the big magazines. But that’s no surprise, because your way more likely to get photographed if you win.

And if you’re not winning, you still get your photograph taken if your machine looks awesome. The Polaris team had both going for them!

Here’s some examples. 

The start of the 1977 World Championship shows Rugland and Hulings got the hole shot – but it would be all Steve Thorsen and Jerry Bunke battling it out until Thorsen took the win. 

Jerry Reece flying through the air.

Jerry and Pam Bunke right after Jerry won the 440X (and $5,000!) in Alexandria, MN in December of 1976. 

Jerry in Alaska, fall of 1976, wearing his 1976 leathers. 

Jim Bernat after winning the 1975 World Championship.

Don Omdahl, Arctic Cat gloves and all in Ontario in 1975. Race & Rally is now

The Roseau Sno-Mo-Cade – not a magazine so much as an event program. 


The passion, triumph, dominance and tragedy of one of the most successful
efforts in motorsports: The Polaris Professional Race Team


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