The Mighty Reverend Rugland’s Condition

Larry Rugland, PDC points champ, 1975!

Some rumors have been swirling about Reverend Rugland’s medical condition, and tonight I spoke to his wife Kathy to set the record straight.

Last Sunday night, Larry did indeed have a pretty bad stroke. However, he’s in one of the best facilities available working on his recovery. In fact, Larry has already been told by all the nurses to stop trying to race everyone in his wheel chair! He’s literally chomping at the bit to get back to the shop and his dogs.

The staff told Kathy that while they were testing him, it became very clear that his brain functions were more than excellent. In fact, he was solving complex algebraic formulas and showing the doctors how to solve them! Talk about a rockstar!

He’s been working very, very hard during therapy to get the full use of all his limbs, and is making great progress. The therapy is pretty intense, so in light of that, the family has asked that visits be limited to being by appointment on Sunday’s only.

If you would like to visit, email Kathy and set a time.

In the meantime, Kathy said he’d love to hear from all of you on her facebook page or via email.. share some photos, stories, thoughts, prayers – whatever you feel like.. and Kathy will enjoy sharing it with him.

Let’s make it happen!


Larry Rugland, PDC Champ!




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