The Polaris Trailer Today

The first story in “StarFire Kids – Midnight blue Express” is largely centered around this trailer, once the home base for the Polaris Professional Race Team when they were on the road. The picture above is from back in the day. The outside of the trailer no longer looks like this.. it has been painted over a few times.

But I just got the photos below just today from where the trailer rests, to this day, behind the Polaris factory in Roseau, Minnesota… and it has not changed one bit. I distinctly recall the shelves on the left as you walk in, and the overhead bins. I smiled when I saw these pictures of the over head bins. I remember them very well, as Bob Eastman reached into one and handed me a brand new Polaris hat. Later that day, Dalton Lisell reached into another and pulled out promo pictures of Omdahl, Bernat, Eastman, Lindblad and Rugland for me that I had signed.. and I still own them.

Note the overhead rail – that was used to take the sleds in and out of the trailer. Look at how well this thing was equipped! A heater, air compressors, big electrical power, plenty of storage space.. I remember a cutting torch and welding tools being in the back and available to the team as well.

That was back in 1974, when I was just eleven years old… and this trailer really looks the same as it did forty one years ago. I think the only thing that is missing is the rack that was in front used to stack the sleds on while in transport.

Clearly that day made a big impression on me… never underestimate the power of making kids feel like a part of something much bigger.

My thanks to my friends up at Polaris for sending these shots. These are very cool, and I’m sure anyone who remembers this trailer will have as much fun remembering it back in the day as I do.












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