The Polaris X-3

During the speed wars of the early 1970s, big budgets allowed factory engineers and racers to build the best they could think of, all in the quest for the title of “World’s Fastest Snowmobile.”

The X-3 was built in a rush for the West Yellowstone roundup in 1971. When Mike Baker got to the track, they strapped him in, only to realize he did not fit under the canopy with a helmet covering his skull. No matter, he just took it off and raced anyway.

The X-3 also had an issue with the pipes being out the front. The sled would bounce going down the track, and snow it forced into the exhaust pipes.

Larry Rugland was going to redesign the sled to be something you could sit up so they could try it again, but the clock ran out on the season.

The X-3 was saved from the scrap pile by Gene Fiester of Roseau, MN and was purchased and restored by and Les Pinz.

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