New information has come to light from Thee Starfire Kid – Bob Eastman. When the team went to Alaska for testing in October of 1976, they had two leaf spring machines with them and one IFS – Jerry Bunke’s 440 triple.

The other sled was completed at the last minute back in Roseau by Leroy Lindblad.. and Bob trucked it all the way to Alaska so it could be tested. After talking to Donny Omdahl, we now know that second sled, was in fact, Don’s 250 pictured above.

So there you have it: The first IFS at Polaris was Bunke’s 77 440. The second was Omdahl’s 250, the first IFS twin from Polaris ever made.

My thanks to Dave Olson and Gary Bright for helping me hunt down this photo.. as far as I know, it is the only known photo of the sled in Alaska!