After one of the first races in 1974, the phones in Roseau started ringing off the hook with racers wanting these special “torque converters” they spotted on the Polaris Sno-Pro sleds.

Check the book and you can read the complete and hilarious story behind this very special component.

In 2004, me and a friend worked around the clock to get Stan Hayes’ 1974 650 machine done for the Polaris 50th Anniversary.

I found this magnesium “torque converter” at Recreational Engineering. It’s the only original one I could find. When I cleaned it off I spotted the numbers 263 and 650 on it. This leads me to believe this piece actually came from Don Omdahl’s 1975 650 PDC sled.

If anyone finds Donny’s 650… I would be happy to see this part back were it belongs.