Verified, Restored & Running!

Larry Rugland's 1974 650cc Sno-Pro

When Keith Warning happened to come upon this sled sitting on a bench over a decade ago, it was in rough shape. Most of it was there, but it was clear it was raced hard since 1974 and put away wet. 

Keith made the choice to bring it back to life, knowing full well that it would be a massive project. After all, this classic race sled is made mostly of magnesium and titanium, and any missing parts (thankfully, not that many) were going to be harder to find than a needle in a haystack in a stadium filled with haystacks. 

Larry Rugland built his own motor for this sled back in 1974, and it proved to be the best 650 motor the team had in 1974. Stan Hayes and Rugland were neck and neck to take the points championship for the year in 1974, but the reliability, power and speed of this motor won out, and Larry won the 650cc class. 

All that work Keith (and a small army of others) did finally paid off when Keith got it running and was able to drive it into a show in the winter of 2022~