Waldheim Saskatchewan, 1979 SnoPro Video: 1979 RXL’s

Raw, unedited footage of the Snopro races in Waldheim, Saskatchewan in 1979.

After the 1978 season, the Polaris factory pulled the plug on the factory racing team. But they made a special effort to help the independent drivers. Part of that was making three very special 1979 RXL’s… the only three made at the plant for the 1979 season.

One was specially built for Doug Hayes. Doug worked with motor magic man Dick Bahr to make a rocket ship for Eagle River. After setting all kinds of speed records at Eagle River, Doug had a mishap that landed him on the wall, the sled pretty much destroyed.

The other two were given to Frans Rosenquist and Ron Barnes. Rosenquist raced his 79 RXL for several years. Barnes got himself in a little trouble in 1979 with Polaris management when he was rude to some industry reporters. The sled was pulled and they let Tim Bender take his turn on in it. In 1980, Todd Elmer got the Barnes/Bender sled, and he raced it for another two years.

Those two sleds (Rosenquist and Bender) are highlighted in this video. Look close and you and can also spot TJ Patrick on his 78 440 triple RXL (nicknamed “The Bull”).

Later in the video Cat factory shows up with Elsner and Dimmerman, and the Scorpion Squadron of Hulings and Thorsen showing the rest of them how it’s done. 😉


The passion, triumph, dominance and tragedy of one of the most successful
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