Video of Jim Bernat's 1977 440 IFS Running

This is Jim Bernat’s 1977 440cc triple IFS SnoPro, one of just four 440’s built that year. To see it still running after 41 years is just amazing. This one was taken care of Troy Moore, who just tore the motor down, cleaned it up, put it back together, put fresh gas in and fired it up.

Yeah it’s a grainy cell phone video, but who cares if you can hear an actual 440 triple running! If you’ve never experienced the joy of these motors, this will give you an idea on how sweet they sound.

My thank to Troy for sharing the photos and the video.

Hearing one running over the ice at 10,000+ RPM’s is a whole different level of awesomeness. But hearing one at all anymore is a blesssing.


This sled in 1977, in the pits at Eagle River.