Greg Hedlund and Troy Pierce with Brad Hulings 1978 250.

Brad Hulings’ 1978 250 Restored and Running

I guess I should have titled this article “The Revenge of the 250s”. After so much talk about 440’s, it’s time for the little guys to get some screen time!

Some years ago, Mark Williams gave me a call because he had found Jerry Bunke’s 1978 250cc factory racer. Mark really didn’t need my help (he’s done tons of great restorations), but I did what I could to help him get it back together. A few weeks ago, a video was posted of Mr. Williams at a show, firing up the sled to a gleeful crowd. 

Almost a year ago I got a call from Dr. Scott Preisler. Scott lives in the northlands Wisconsin, and he had been pestering a local dealer for the 1978 RXL that was on display in their showroom for years. Finally the owner of the dealership let him have it, and the first thing the doctor prescribed for the sled was to contact John Dietz from the Eagle River Derby Track and run the serial number. BINGO! It came back as Brad Hulings 1978 250cc factory racer. 

Two out of three 250s had been found. 

Then, a few months ago, I get a call out of the blue a dealer from Wisconsin calls and he’s also been in contact with John Dietz and he found out he had been sitting on Steve Thorsen’s 1978 250 sitting in his dealership all these years. 

Boom. All three 1978 250s have been found! 

Mark Williams had his running first. After finding some parts in Maine, Arizona and Minnesota, Scott got Hulings 250 all done in record time. And he had help from none other than Starfire Kid Greg Hedlund (aka “Ivan”) and Troy Pierce. 

Here’s the video of the sled running once again, and you can see Troy, Greg and the fabulous Mrs. Karolyn Eastman in the video who were all there for the grand unveiling. 

Congrats Scott – and thank you and everyone involved  for making the time and investment in getting a classic back up and running!

Scott Preisler gets inducted into the Starfire Kids by Karolyn Eastman.

Greg Hedlund and Troy Pierce with Brad Hulings 1978 250.

Talk about a dream team working on you sled Brad Hulings’ original Polaris partner in crime, Greg “Ivan” Hedlund, and master race sled builder and Soo 500 champ, Troy Pierce. 


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