Where to Buy Starfire Kids - Midnight Blue Express

We’ve got the cheapest shipping and we send them the very same day in a padded carboard box so it comes to you as beautiful as a 1978 RXL. 

Where to Buy Starfire Kids - Midnight Blue Express

Stop in and buy a copy from their gift shop in St. Germain, Wisconsin, and some of the proceeds go to support a great cause in the Snowmobile Hall of Fame! You can also order from them online. 

Stop by and see this amazing collection of sleds from around the world in Naubinway, Michigan. Get your copy and help support the museum!

In the motherland of Roseau, Minnesota, you can stop by and experience of all that Polaris was and is, get a great lunch, and pick up your copy of Starfire Kids – Midnight Blue Express in their gift store. And you will LOVE the gift store! They have a numch of Midnight Blue Express clothing and other items you will love. 

Where is it not available? On Amazon.com. Due to costs and the restrictions on free speech, we can no longer support Amazon.

Besides if you buy from any of the places above, you’re supporting the sport, the history and the preservation of history. Thank you